Get Involved: How you can Help Us?

Deenabandhu is qualified to receive foreign funds by registering in the Ministry of Home affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Deenabandhu has also obtained 12A registration and donations are eligible for deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Sponsor a child at Deenabandhu home:

Each child requires Rs. 30,000 per year towards food, accommodation, education, health and entertainment. You are welcome to sponsor a child and sponsorship amount for different currencies - 30 Pound a month or 350 Pounds for one year (UK); $42 per month or $500 USD for one year; EU32 per month or EU380 for one year; INR2,500 per month or INR30,000 for one year

Progress of the child will be will reported regularly every year along with the photograph of the child.

Donation for Food Corpus fund:

Deenabandhu is currently providing 500 meals each day for all the children in the School and as well as for children in the home. Under changing circumstances and keeping in view the future years it is necessary to ensure a proper food security for all the children both at school and at home, To meet this challenge Deenabandhu is building up the Food-Corpus. Deenabandhu is trying to build up 365 different fixed deposits, each of rupees 100 thousand. Interest earned from each such deposit will cater for all the food expenses for a day in an year.

You can make donations towards this either individually contributing Rs.100,000 for a deposit or by getting many people involved in a group towards each such deposit. This will be long lasting support ensuring the future economic stability of the organisation.

General Donation:

Deenabandhu also appreciates any General donations. Funds will be utilized where it will be needed.


Volunteering is one of the precious support you can offer to Deenabandhu. We have many volunteers who support us. You can volunteer here by helping us take care of the children, or teach in our Primary school, or take part in production of teaching learning material. You can also help in the office and do documentation work etc. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact us. Based on your interest and time constraints you can be a volunteer at Deenabandhu.