About Us: Top Donors

Deenabandhu is working by the kind support from the enlightened public both from India and abroad. It is heartening to recollect that at every critical stage in the growth of the organization we have received munificent support from our committed donors.

* Indo-MIM, Hoskote, Bangalore covers total expenditure incurred towards running Deenabandhu primary school

* Oracle, Supports all the activities at Teachers Resource Center

* Yoga Gives Back,USA

* Mr. & Mrs. Chandrashekar Desai Goudar, USA

* American Service To India, USA

* ALSTOM Corporate Foundation, France

* Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai

* Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai

* Mrs. Sudha N. Murthy, Infosys Foundation, Bangalore

* Supraja Foundation, Hong Kong

* Mrs. Magali Reynaud, Retures, Switzerland

* ASHA for Education, USA

* Kruger Foundation, Switzerland

* Ms. Elizabeth Hoddy, UK