Children's Home

Deenabandhu runs separate homes for boys and girls.

The planned strength of the boys' home is 45 boys housed in 4 individual cottages under the care of a house mother/father. In addition to this there is spacious dinning hall, administrative block and kitchen. There is enough space for kitchen garden and children grow a variety of vegetables and fruits.

The girls' home is located close to Deenabandhu primary school and is placed about half a kilometer away from boys' home. It is a composite eco friendly building called 'Green Home For Girls'. There are four cottages each to house 10 girls, dinning hall and kitchen facility. The economic friendly building is built by fly-ash bricks reducing the carbon footprint. The solar photovoltaic panels on the roof charges a bank of batteries which supply most of the electricity needed for all the four cottages. The roof water system is connected to a very bug water tank and stores most of the rain water. Apart from this the entire garden of the green home is watered by a gray water treatment plant which purifies water used in bathrooms. The gray water passing through the reed-bed undergoes purification. It is further purified at the oxygenation tank which also has a pond to store the water. From here water is pumped to the garden.