Scholarship Programs

Deenabandhu runs two scholarship programs

1. Chandrashekar Desaigoudar Scholarship Program

'Chandrashekar Desaigoudar Foundation', USA has established a corpus fund from the sole donation of Mr.Chandrashekar Desaigoudar. While he was studying in America, he faced a dire financial problem. An anonymous donor gave him significant financial support together with a message that he need not return the money but may help others in need when he is able to earn substantially. This incident is the motivation force for Mr.Chandrashekar and today more than 600 poor rural students are benefited from this scholarship program.

The scholarship operates among the selected rural government highschools from all over Karnataka. Poor students who have scored highest marks in 10th standard are selected by the respective highschool headmasters and are recommended for scholarship. These students receive scholarship support in four installments for continuing college education.

Among the hundreds who have been supported through scholarship program several of them have successfully completed Engineering and Medical courses. Many of them have become Software Engineers, Technicians, School Teachers and College Lecturers.

2. Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) program

Scholarship for Higher Education, a project initiated by Ms. Kayoko Mitsumatsu, Yoga Gives Back, USA, at Deenabandhu School. SHE scholarship is awarded to the children who studied at Deenabandhu School. SHE scholarship covers the student for five years and provides financial assistance upto INR15,000 per year per student. Scholarship amount can be used by the students towards college fee, books and other educational requirements. Very deserving students are selected for the scholarship based on their merit and economical background.